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The Rising Popularity of Aluminum Cable Railing

Aluminum Cable Railing has many possibilities for you to pick and design your perfect cable railing system!


Atlantis Rail Systems presents a cable railing system with a simple design that allows installers to handle a variety of rail transitions using a small set of adaptive rail fittings and common installation tools.
Cable Railing System with Unobstructed View


Plymouth, MA, June 28, 2024 – Atlantis Rail Systems is thrilled to announce its partnership with Western Borders, Inc. to enhance support for partners in Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. With over 50 years of combined experience, the Western Borders sales team has a stellar reputation for delivering exceptional service and support to the building materials community […]

Why Cable Railing Is A Must For Your Waterfront Property

Cable Railing is the perfect railing system for any waterfront property.

Unlimited Designs & Options In Our Cable Railing

Stainless Steel Cable Railing is the new trend among residential and commercial properties. Our cable railing systems provide a modern look that can match any design of your property. Whether you’re looking for all stainless steel or aluminum posts, we have you covered! The possibilities are endless with cable railing. The best part is you […]
Home with stainless steel for cable railing on the 2nd story deck.


Plymouth, MA, April 18, 2024 – Atlantis Rail Systems is excited to announce their partnership with Simbul Sales to support their partners in Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and Utah. The Simbul Sales team brings over 50 years of experience providing outstanding dealer and contractor service and support to the Intermountain states building materials community. The Simbul team […]

Preparing Your Deck For The Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is no friend to your outdoor patio or deck. It is essential to prepare ahead of time as weather and hurricanes can be unpredictable. Hurricanes are one of the deadliest natural disasters today. They present a severe threat to coastal and inland homes and buildings across the globe. Coastal structures typically receive the […]

Did You Know The NOVA System Is Now Available Without A Bottom Rail

The NOVA I Cable Railing System will provide any indoor, outdoor, residential, or commercial property with an unobstructed view.

Protect Your Deck In The Winter Season!

The winter season is great for fun activities in the snow or the beautiful snowy scenery! Although we love building a snowman or drinking hot cocoa by the fire. The winter season is not always great for your deck! There are many ways to protect and maintain your deck during the harsh winter season. Cold weather preparation […]


Cable railing manufacturer, Atlantis Rail Systems has launched a new cable railing system featuring powder-coated aluminum posts, guardrails, and horizontal cable infill.
Cable railing hardware.Swage vs Swageless.

The Importance Of Cable Stabilizers

Atlantis Rail Cable Stabilizers are purposed for use in maintaining code compliant cable spacing between post and rail sections with spacing greater than 4 feet between posts and not exceeding 7 feet. The Cable Stabilizer is not to be used as a post due to it not being a structural component. Do not rely on […]
Cable Railing Deck Overlooking Water

The Benefits Of Our Nautilus System

The Nautilus Cable Railing System will dress up your deck while providing an unobstructed view.
Cable Railing Stair Project

The Benefits Of Our HandiSwage™ System

The HandiSwage™ System features cut-in-field convenience and easy planning.
Stainless Cable Railing with Wood Hand Rail

The Benefits Of Our Latitude System

The Latitude Cable Railing System offers you an easy install and little maintenance.
Outdoor Cable Railing System

Easy Free Estimates

Three simple forms to complete free estimates created to pass IBC and ensure a safe cable railing system.
Seamless Gate Options for Cable Railings.

Looking Into Cable Railing Gates

Atlantis Rail Cable Railing Gates are made to match our railing systems.

Micro Star™ Options To Accent Your Indoor Or Outdoor Applications

At Atlantis Rail, you can check out our patented Micro Star™ series of lighting options for railing, fencing, steps, and other indoor or outdoor applications. This will make the perfect addition to any surrounding that needs some extra lighting, commercial or residential. Accent Features For Your Railing System The patented Micro Star™ series is a […]
Top rail on cable railing on a lakefront deck.


E&S Pearson Co. Will Provide Local Support to Atlantis Rail’s Partners in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and Southern Illinois Plymouth, MA, June 20, 2023 – Atlantis Rail Systems is excited to announce their partnership with E&S Pearson Co. to support their partners in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and Southern Illinois. The Pearson team brings over […]
Cable Railing on Multi Level Deck

Taking A Look At Our Installation Resources

At Atlantis Rail, we want to make the installation process run as smoothly as possible.


Atlantis Rail Systems expands its Western Sales Team.
Cabin with Cable Railing

Why You Should Choose Stainless Steel Cable

Cable Railing Systems are the perfect solution for keeping the open view of your property with little maintenance.
Cable railing on white deck.


Atlantis Rail Systems is excited to announce their long-time partnership with The GeMROI Company has been extended to include Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Western Pennsylvania.

Welcome to the New ORION II Cable Railing System

This aluminum cable railing system has a modern look that can fit any indoor or outdoor property.


Cable railing manufacturer, Atlantis Rail Systems has launched a new cable railing system featuring a powder-coated aluminum framework combined with horizontal stainless steel infill.
Deck with Stainless Cable Railing

Maintain Your System The Right Way

When dealing with stainless steel, you may be wondering where to start when it comes to maintaining your new cable railing system.
Stainless Cable Railing System on Ramp

Atlantis Rail ADA Compliant Systems

The versatility of our ADA compliant railing allows Atlantis Rail to provide compliant handicap accessibility with most of our guard rail systems.
Aluminum Post Cable Railing System on Pond

The Benefits Of Our NOVA Nautilus System

The NOVA Nautilus System features powder-coated aluminum posts, stainless steel rails, and horizontal cable infill.
Glass Railing System with Purple Flowers

The Benefits Of Our Glass Railing Systems

Atlantis Rail Glass Railing System come in a variety of formats adapted from our standard railing product for easy install.
Waterfront View with Cable Railing

The Benefits Of Our SunRail™ System

The SunRail™ Cable Railing System is a complete stainless steel railing system, allowing for unobstructed views.
Aluminum Post Cable Railing System on Pond

Starting With The Cable Railing Basics

Before starting any project, we should discuss the cable railing basics. This will help any consumer get a better understanding of where to start.
Cable Railing System on Porch

The Benefits of Our RailEasy™ Cable Railing System

RailEasy™ Cable Railing combines with most wood, composite or vinyl rail frames to provide unobstructed views.

The Benefits of the NOVA II System

Welcome to Atlantis Rail's NOVA II System. Completely off-the-shelf and features minimal components.

Product Bulletin – Quarter 2 2022

Give your customers a summer of unobstructed views with Atlantis Rail. The Q2 2022 Product Bulletin is here! Learn about the new Spectrum Top Rail System and view our new how-to videos.

The Benefits of the Spectrum Cable Railing System

Welcome to Atlantis Rail’s Spectrum System. A simple and economical cable railing system.

Atlantis Rail Adds a Top Rail to Their Spectrum Cable Railing System

Cable railing manufacturer, Atlantis Rail Systems, has launched a new aluminum top rail for their popular Spectrum cable railing system
Rail Easy Stone Deck

Cable Railing Savings: Refit and Reuse Materials to Save

Cable Railing is unique in its horizontal configuration, but the frame of a cable railing system is much like other traditional railings.
Cable railing set up with big palm tree in background.

3 Top Cable Railing Install Tips

For most people, time is money and the ability to save both is sweet success. Saving time and money is even better when it is easy.
Stainless Cable Railing with Pink & Green Chairs

Unique Cable Railing Systems Design Tips

There are several ways to add designer features at little or no extra cost, and some can even save you money. The top 3 unique and creative ways to make your cable railing the talk of the neighborhood. Learn more.

Atlantis Rail Provides Railing Support to the LBM Industry

Atlantis Rail Systems has implemented resources and tools to provide a strong support system for the LBM industry.
Waterfront Cable Railing on Gray Deck

Product Bulletin – Quarter 1 2022

Spring has sprung and the Atlantis Rail Q1 2022 Product Bulletin is out! Within this bulletin, we review our stock Spectrum and NOVA II gates, the new railing visualizer, the Nautilus Cable Railing System, the new plastic stair spacers and our updated training portal.

Atlantis Rail Launches a New Railing Visualizer

Atlantis Rail launches a new railing visualizer and is able to give their customers a clear vision of their railing system.

Cable Railing 101: Necessary Components

Cable Railing 101: Necessary Components. Cable railing systems supplies by Atlantis Rail come with everything you need. Learn more.

Planning Cable Railings for Decks

Cable railing systems offer unobstructed views from your deck or balcony. Learn what you need to know when planning cable railings for decks.

Considerations When Choosing Cable Railing Types

Cable railings are available in several styles. This guide will help with choosing cable railing types depending on your taste and budget.

Cleaning and Maintaining Stainless Steel Cable Railings

Cleaning and maintaining stainless steel cable railings. Learn to inspect, clean and how weather conditions effect maintenance frequency.
Things to know about cable railing.

Top 9 Things You Should Know About Cable Railing

Cable railing systems are safe, low maintenance and offer obstruction-free views. Here are 9 things you should also know about cable railing.
Pool with Stainless Cable Gate

Seamless Gate Options for Cable Railings

Keep your balcony or pool deck safe and secure. Check out our durable and beautifully designed seamless gate options for cable railings.
Cable railing accessibility options.

Cable Railing Accessibility Options

Atlantis Rail offers cable railing accessibility options of parts and fittings are ADA compliant. Learn about compliance and their systems.

The Truth About Cable Railing

Cable railings are safe and attractive. Here are some commonly asked questions so you can find out the truth about cable railing systems.
Cable railings in commercial buildings - office space.

Cable Railings in Commercial Buildings

Cable railings in commercial buildings can enhance the appeal and functionality of your commercial space in many ways. Here are the benefits.
Cable Railing sytem on home with stone stairway.

How to Create a Plan for Upgrading to Cable Railing

Beauty and long-lasting functionality of cable railing is undeniable. These tips will help you create a plan for upgrading to cable railing.
Single corner post style - Cable-Railing-on-Deck-with-Adirondack-Chairs.

Choosing a Corner Post Style for Cable Railing

Cable railing systems are durable, safe, and require minimal maintenance. Here's help on choosing a corner post style for cable railing.
Gate for Spectrum Cable Railing System

Product Bulletin – Quarter 1 2021

The Q1 2021 Atlantis Rail Product Bulletin summarizes a few of our new products including the Spectrum Gate System and ADA Handrail System. The ADA Handrail Systems feature fittings that can be easily adapted to the Spectrum, NOVA II and wood post cable railing systems. The bulletin also highlights the new Certified Sales Consultant Training Portal and its easier user interface.
Glass railing panels on indoor ramp staircase chrome and white wood.

How Safe are Glass Infills for Cable Railing Systems?

Glass infills for cable railing systems allow for a modern look and safety. Here are options to select a secure and professional fit.
Top rail on cable railing on a lakefront deck.

Perfect Top Rail for Your Cable Railing Feature

5 factors to consider when selecting a top rail for your cable railing system. Get tips will help you chose a rail that compliments your home.

How to Use Cable Railing in Your Home

Atlantis Rail provides cable railing systems in several styles and functions. Here are ideas and uses for cable railing in your home.
Cable railing on deck overlooking the Carribean.

What is Cable Railing?

What is Cable Railing? Cable railing, an alternative to a traditional wooden railing, offers practical and aestetic solutions. Learn more.

Minimalist Cable Railing Ideas

A minimalist aesthetic is trending for cable railing. Here are a few options for a minimalist cable railing and also provides durability.
Cable Railing on Oceanfront

Product Bulletin – Quarter 3 2020

The Q3 2020 Atlantis Rail Product Bulletin summarizes a few of our new products including the RailEasy Spare Cone and Wedge Set, Spectrum Glass Standard Post Kits, HandiSwage Replacement Caps and Black Plastic Stair Spacers. It also spotlights the Nautilus Cable Railing System and the many variations that it offers. We also highlight new 3D assembly instructions for the Spectrum Cable Railing System through BILT.
Cable railing on white deck.

Update Your Curb Appeal with Cable Railing

Update your home's curb appeal with cable railing. You can DIY with these pointers to help you in create seamless flow and inviting appeal.
Cable railing on an outdoor staircase.

Considerations for Cable Railing on Staircases

Cable railing is functional and aesthetically pleasing. These 4 considerations will help you get started with cable railing on staircases.
Atlantis Rail custom Cable-Railing-on-Fully-Furnished-Deck.

Atlantis Rail Custom Cable Railing Benefits

Adding cable railing to your home? Consider a DIY with Atlantis Rail custom cable railing systems. See the benefits of a cable railing kit.
Seamless view with Atlantis Cable-Railing-on-a-Pond.

Create a Seamless View with Atlantis Cable Railing

Achieve a seamless view with the Atlantis Rail cable railing. Our best tips to create unobstructed views using a cable railing system.
Common Cable Railing Inspection Issues and Solutions.

Common Cable Railing Inspection Issues and Solutions

Cable Railing is a great choice for home or business. When it comes to install, learn common cable railing inspection issues and solutions.
Create-a-statement-with-cable-railing using glass insets.

Create a Statement With Your Cable Railing

Create a statement with cable railing. These ideas using cable railing can make your home or business unique and stand out from the rest.
Customizing-Your-Cable-Railing-Design on a Pool-Deck.

Customizing Your Cable Railing Design

Customizing your cable railing design has never been easier. Read about options to add from LED lighting to post toppers and custom colors.
Benefits-of-Using-Cable-Railing-Indoors on a stairway.

Benefits of Using Cable Railing Indoors

Cable railing indoors: this guide will help you find the cable railing that suits your needs, budget, and complements your interior décor.
Cable railing set up with big palm tree in background.

How to Select Your Perfect Cable Railing Setup

Selecting the perfect cable railing setup is not easy. 6 considerations to help you choose the ideal cable railing system set up for your building or home.
Cable Railing with Aluminum Top Rail

Product Bulletin – Quarter 2 2020

The Q2 2020 Atlantis Rail Product Bulletin summarizes a few of our new products including the NOVA II Hinged Fittings and Bench Swager. It also outlines railing products that are coming soon. These products include the Spectrum Gate and new Spectrum Top Rail. We also highlight new 3D assembly instructions for the Spectrum Cable Railing System through BILT.

5 Benefits of Stainless Steel Cable Railings

From being environmentally responsible to adding value to your home, learn more about the many benefits of stainless steel cable railings for your home.
Modern Cable Railing on Beach House

Is Cable Railing Really a DIY?

Cable Railing Really a DIY? Get the ball rolling on your DIY cable railing installation project. Here are some tips and tricks for a successful project.
Stainless Cable Railing with Wood Hand Rail

Cable Railing Safety, Code and Compliance

Cable railing safety and code facts. Learn the right use of cables, posts, and rails, to create a safe, attractive, and code-compliant cable railing system.
Interior Spectrum Cable Railing System for Small Project

Small Scale Spectrum Cable Railing Project

This is a perfect example of how a cable railing system can work on a small-scale project inside a residence. It helps to keep the feel of the living space open and inviting while providing a safety barrier for the opening in the floor for the stairs.
Attractive Cable Railing on the Water

Cable Railing DIY Success, Part 3

In Part 3 of Cable Railing DIY Success, we are going to discuss how stabilizers work and how they can be used in a cable railing system.
Island View Cable Railing

The Benefits of Cable Railing over Traditional Railings

By choosing cable railings for your home, you can enjoy these 5 benefits of cable railing. From unobstructed views to beautification of your home and more.
Aluminum Cable Railing with Fall Trees

Cable Railing DIY Success, Part 2

In Part 2 of Cable Railing DIY Success, we are going to discuss the selection of post and rail material and how they can be used to build the safest railing and match your budget. We will further discuss how to successfully build a cable railing frame using wood.
Lakefront Cable Railing

Lake View with Cable Railing

This homeowner wanted a cable railing system that allowed for an unimpeded view of their backyard and the lake below.
Cable Railing with Mountain View

Cable Railing DIY Success, Part 1

When tackling a DIY cable railing, you need to know the basics. There are 3 basic rules that should guide you through the designing and installing of your cable railing.
After Picture of a Cable Railing System in North Carolina

Cable Railing Deck Remodel in North Carolina

This homeowner gave their deck a complete overhaul using the RailEasy™ Cable Railing System. They used 6 x 6 posts to match the size of their columns. They also chose to do a wide top rail stained a different color to add contrast to the railing system. The horizontal lattice skirt that wraps the whole deck creates a visually appealing look that matches the horizontal direction of the cables.

A Guide to ADA Compliant Cable Railings

Railings and handrails are a perfect pair, preventing us from taking embarrassing and painful falls. Even if you don’t always depend on handrails for balance, they are important should the worse happen. For the disabled and elderly, railings with handrails are crucial when it comes to accessibility, safety, and consistency. To guarantee that buildings are […]
Stainless Steel Cable Railing System at a Gym

Commercial Cable Railing at a Fitness Facility

This fitness facility utilized the SunRail™ Cable Railing System to keep a clear view of their club.
Aluminum Cable Railing System on Residential Stairs

NOVA II Cable Railing System Lakefront in New Hampshire

This homeowner used the NOVA II aluminum cable railing system on their lakefront property in New Hampshire. Their long term goals were to reduce the amount of maintenance needed and to keep their view of the lake unobstructed.

Product Bulletin – Quarter 1 2020

The Q1 2020 Atlantis Rail Product Bulletin rounds up a few of our new products including the NOVA II gate, Bench Swager and Release Tool. It also outlines railing products that are coming soon. These products include the Spectrum gate, ADA compliant products and a new Spectrum top rail.
Cable Railing System by a Hot Tub

How to Plan for Installing Your Cable Railing System

Primary factors to consider to plan for installing your cable railing system. This guide will help you select railing cable, posts, components and tools.
Cable Railing System on Stone Steps

How to Maintain and Clean Your Cable Railing

Keep your cable railing looking it's best. Use these cleaning techniques to clean your cable railing. Here are tips on what to do and a few precautions.
Cable Railing on Backyard Deck

Why Cable Railing is a Safe Option for Your Home

Cable railing is a great choice for your home. Did you know that cable railing is a safe option as well? In this post we clarify safety and installation.

Cable Railing System Options for Rooftop Decks

Cable railings provide an unobstructed view of surroundings as well as safety. Here are our cable railing system options for rooftop decks.

Ways to Use Cable Railing to Improve Curb Appeal of Your Home

Breathe new life into your homes' exterior. Cable railings offer a streamlined appearance. 4 tips to use cable railing to improve curb appeal of your home.
Commercial Property with Glass Railing System

Glass Deck Railing Considerations

Glass deck railing systems offer visibility, versitality and unobstructive views. Consider these recommendations when choosing a glass deck railing system.

Cable Railing Kit Considerations

Cable railing kit tips and safety considerations. Considerations when selecting a cable railing system that will meet your application and aesthetic needs.

Product Bulletin – Quarter 4 / 2019

Product Bulletins are the Center for Cable Railing Products and Information. Delivered quarterly, these bulletins provide all of the latest news and information regarding our cable railing products.

Why Use a Cable Railing System

Looking for the most durable, stylish, and beautiful cable railing system for your property? Here's 6 reasons to choose cable railing for your home.

How to Install Cable Railing

Cable railing adds style and aesthetics to your home or building.It's an affordable solution. Get started with these tips to install cable railing yourself.


A more affordable stair stabilizer, offered in multiple color options Plymouth, MA, September 18, 2019– Atlantis Rail Systems’ newest addition to their collection of unique and proprietary rail fittings serves as a more affordable cable stabilizer option for stair railings with cable infill. Designed to be field cut to size and surface mounted using the […]
Cable Railing Installation Video for Level Section


“Start to finish” installation of NOVA II railing on stairs and level surface Plymouth, MA, September 16, 2019– The NOVA II railing system by Atlantis Rail consists of a powder coated aluminum framework combined with horizontal, stainless steel cable infill. It is a completely “off-the-shelf” system with minimal components and supplied as kits. To make […]


Our newly developed website is up and ready to view Plymouth, MA, September 13, 2019– It’s here! The newly developed Atlantis Rail website is up and ready to deliver on our commitment of supplying customers with the inspiration and technical “know-how” needed to tackle their next railing project. This site features expanded product information for […]

Product Bulletin – Quarter 3 / 2019

Product Bulletins are the Center for Cable Railing Products and Information. Delivered quarterly, these bulletins provide all of the latest news and information regarding our cable railing products.
ADA Compliant Cable Railing

4 Commercial uses for Cable Railing

Cable railing is a great option for home or business. 4 commercial uses for cable railing that will boost your commercial property value.
Waterfront Cable Railing by Pool

What you Need to Know Before Choosing Cable Railing

Choosing cable railing for your home or business is a great option. Learn about cable railing, codes, maintenance, and more. Here's what you need to know.
Cable Railing on Furnished Waterfront Deck

5 Reasons to Choose Cable Railing for your Home

Looking for railing for your home that will keep your view unobstructed? Consider cable railing. Learn why cable railing is a great option and investment.

Product Bulletin – Quarter 2 / 2019

Product Bulletins are the Center for Cable Railing Products and Information. Delivered quarterly, these bulletins provide all of the latest news and information regarding our cable railing products.
Lit Cable Railing Closeup

Atlantis Rail’s New Lighting Option

The Micro Star™ LED Light Bar Illuminates Atlantis Rail’s Cable Railing Systems  Plymouth, MA, April 11, 2019– Atlantis Rail has expanded their line of Micro Star™ LED lights to include an LED light bar. This product fits neatly under a flat handrail and is compatible with Atlantis Rail’s railing systems, including the Spectrum and NOVA […]
Cable Railing Overlooking Pond

Atlantis Rail Shines with NOVA Nautilus Cable Railing System

Uncommonly Sophisticated & Uniquely Refined, NOVA Nautilus Puts a Shine on Any Deck Plymouth, MA, March 29, 2018– Atlantis Rail’s Nautilus Railing System is nothing new. It has been a customer favorite for years. They have now teamed the Nautilus System up with their new NOVA II aluminum post kits to create the NOVA Nautilus […]

Atlantis Rail System’s New Rail Mounting Hardware

New Rail Fitting for 2″ Stainless Steel Railing Accommodates Post Widths from 3″ for Greater Flexibility Plymouth, MA, March 29, 2018– Atlantis Rail Systems’ newest addition to their collection of unique and proprietary rail fittings allows for the mounting of 2” stainless steel railings on post widths as narrow as 3”. The Straight Sidemount Oval […]