Our newly developed website is up and ready to view

Plymouth, MA, September 13, 2019– It’s here! The newly developed Atlantis Rail website is up and ready to deliver on our commitment of supplying customers with the inspiration and technical “know-how” needed to tackle their next railing project. This site features expanded product information for all customer types. We’re excited to announce its release and feel that it is equal in quality to the product it displays. Check it out at

With the help of our customers submitting their beautiful installation photos over the years, we’ve been able to compile a large number of quality projects which can be found within our “Atlantis Rail Gallery”. Whether you’re looking for ideas on a project, want to see how a certain system looks installed or are trying to show your builder the railing system you want… we know you’ll find inspiration here!

Each Atlantis Rail system is neatly organized under the “Railing Systems” section, where you can find the specifications and design information specific to the railing you’ve chosen for your project. Here you will be able to have an overview of the system, as well as view gallery images, specifications, options, downloads and installation videos.

One of the main goals of our new website is to convey as much supporting product information as cleanly and precise as possible so our customers get the information they need. Whether you’re a customer who wants to know more about cable railing, an installer that is on a job and needs critical installation details, or an architect that needs downloadable CAD drawings for a proposal you’re working on, the information you are looking for can be found under our “Resources” section.

Providing accurate information is the best first step in receiving an accurate and detailed cable railing quote. That’s why we developed a simple to use form under our “Request a Quote” section which allows you to submit your contact information, desired railing, project details and plan drawings in a short amount of time.


If you would like more information about the Atlantis Rail website, please contact Carey Hicks at (508) 732-1025 or

Contact: Carey Hicks
Telephone: (508) 732-1025

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