The Rising Popularity of Aluminum Cable Railing

Aluminum Cable Railing has many possibilities for you to pick and design your perfect cable railing system!

The popularity of aluminum posts and railings has been on the rise over the past few years. Customers appreciate the modern and sleek look it provides for their commercial or residential property. When you combine powder-coated aluminum components and stainless steel infill, that makes the perfect and popular low-maintenance choice! Enjoy an unobstructed view with an off-the-shelf and easy-to-install rail framework. Atlantis Rail’s ORION & NOVA Cable Railing Systems provide customers with the option of a top rail only system or adding a bottom rail. Aluminum Cable Railing has many possibilities for you to pick and design your perfect cable railing system! You can always enjoy the view with cable railing systems!

ORION Cable Railing

ORION Cable Railing features a powder-coated aluminum framework combined with a horizontal stainless steel cable infill. The ORION I System provides customers with a contemporary option for a railing system that does not limit the beautiful view of their property. The simple design of the ORION top rail allows installers to handle a variety of rail transitions using a small set of adaptive rail fittings and common installation tools. The ORION I Cable Railing System is versatile, easy to install, and low maintenance! This makes the system a popular aluminum cable railing choice among consumers. The ORION System is offered in a matte textured powder-coat finish of black, bronze, and white. This helps make the ORION Cable Railing System adaptable and able to fit the design of any landscape or property!

NOVA Cable Railing

NOVA Cable Railing features powder-coated aluminum posts, guardrails, and horizontal cable infill. The cable infill utilizes HandiSwage™ stainless steel hand swage fittings with 1/8” cable. The NOVA I System is a recent addition to the NOVA Cable Railing family. This is another aluminum cable railing favorite with customers! The NOVA I System gives customers an additional design option that delivers the streamlined look of a top rail only cable rail system.

Aluminum cable railing is a simple and versatile alternative to traditional railing. Customers want to be able to preserve the view of their property while maintaining a modern look. Check out our photo gallery on our website to see the unlimited possibilities of stainless steel and aluminum cable railing!

Atlantis Rail Systems: The Leader in Cable Railing Systems

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