Cable Railing Accessibility Options

Atlantis Rail offers cable railing accessibility options of parts and fittings are ADA compliant. Learn about compliance and their systems.

Atlantis Rail Systems designs and produces ADA-compliant cable railing system modifications for stairwells, ramps, and decks. They offer cable railing accessibility options suitable for both interior and exterior locations. All of the handicap accessibility parts and fittings are ADA compliant. They are also easy to add to many of Atlantis’ beautiful, high-performance cable railing systems.

Available in a choice of brushed stainless steel, highly polished stainless steel or a variety of powder-coated colors, their patented modular components will bring your railings up to code for ADA accessibility compliance. Additionally they are affordable, easy-to-install, and do not detract from the appearance of your existing cable railing system.

What is ADA Compliance?

The ADA compliance regulations require all public places and businesses to be accessible and usable by all disabled persons. As part of these regulations, handrails must be between 34 and 38 inches above the ground or stair surface. These handrails must also be continuous, allowing people to have constant support. This railing should also extend past the top and bottom of the ramp or stairway. Finally all handrails must have a minimum of 1.5 inches from the wall or adjacent surface. 

Cable railing accessibility options.

Atlantis Rail ADA Handrail Systems

Atlantis Rail has a range of easily adaptable ADA handrail components for their SPECTRUM, NOVA II, SunRail, and wooden post cable railing systems. These components allow you to create handrail options that facilitate ease of transition. Accessories include 1.5-inch tubular handrails and curved sections. These enable a firm grip while ascending, descending, or moving across a flat surface of landing. 

On Spectrum systems, the modifying parts attach to the railing system with clamp-on fittings. With NOVA II and wood post systems, surface-mounted brackets connect the railings securely to the post. 

Creating Your ADA-Compliant Handicap Railing Systems with Atlantis 

These ADA compliant railing systems by Atlantis Cable Rail Systems, are able to be used anywhere. Atlantis Rail has all the necessary parts and hardware to make accessibility modifications simple, requiring no welding nor on-site machining.

Atlantis Rail ADA handicap accessibility railings are available in your choice of highly polished stainless steel, brushed finish stainless steel, or a variety of powder-coated colors. This allows them to seamlessly blend in with your current cable railings and environment.

These durable, long-lasting cable railing systems require virtually no maintenance and will last a lifetime. Atlantis Rail can also ship the entire system anywhere for easy installation. 

Contact Atlantis Rail Systems

A leader and innovator in the cable railing systems industry, Atlantis Rail Systems, located in historic Plymouth, MA, specializes in creating perfect solutions for any deck, stairwell, balcony, or other location where railings are necessary. 

And as part of Atlantis’ commitment to safety for all, the company designers created several solutions to accommodate all who need additional security in managing transitions. 

To learn more about the full menu of Atlantis cable rail system options, including the ADA compliant cable railing accessibility options and solutions, visit the Atlantis Rail website.

If you have questions about ADA compliant rail systems or other railings options, call the professionals at Atlantis Rail Systems on 1-800-541-6829.

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