How Safe are Glass Infills for Cable Railing Systems?

Glass infills for cable railing systems allow for a modern look and safety. Here are options to select a secure and professional fit.

Cable rail systems can offer a virtually unobstructed view from your deck or balcony. The horizontal stainless steel cabling opens the view to allow deck occupants to enjoy the scenery as they sit. However, durable glass infills for cable railing systems can also offer a safe and beautifully unobstructed view.

Glass railing systems effectively block the wind unlike standard cable railings. Glass infill can be easily integrated into the SunRail, RailEasy and Spectrum railing options from Atlantis Rail. All of these options have specially designed connectors and fastening devices to ensure a secure and professional fit.

The Beauty of Glass Railing Systems

Using glass panel infills for your railing system gives a minimalist and modern aesthetic to your home or business. Clear glass inserts provide an almost invisible barrier for your deck or loft space. These panels can help you define the space while admitting natural light.

Glass infill can eliminate the spaces through which children and pets may venture. It can also alleviate the fear of children climbing the railings, making it a safer option for those with young children.

Outside, the transparency of glass opens the view to your surroundings, while interior glass railing systems provide a clean, modern, and expansive feel. 

How Durable is Tempered Glass?

Not all glass is fragile. Glass inserts for decks, balconies, and staircase railings are heat-treated and tempered. In fact, tempered glass is four to five times stronger than standard annealed glass.

As a result, tempered glass panels used for railing systems in your home or office are able to:

  • Withstand breaking if accidentally hit
  • Support weight and pressure
  • Resist scratching
  • Withstand storm damage
  • Increase security
  • Handle sudden, and dramatic temperature changes
  • Remain rot-free unlike wood railing systems

Note that greenhouses, skylights, and other notable glass structures employ heat-treated and tempered glass to permit light while standing up to severe weather conditions.

Glass infill on a deck cable railing system.

Fasteners and Connections

Robust glass rail systems require more than just strong glass for complete safety and security. Fail-proof connectors, fasteners, and other components complete the installation, ensuring long-lasting, worry-free railings. 

Depending on the type and format of the glass railing system, Atlantis Rail offers connectors that are a perfect fit for either tubular railings or square posts.

Atlantis Rail offers form-fitting glass clips for both the SunRail™ and RailEasy™ Glass systems that match the curve of their 2” railing tubes. For Spectrum Glass, Atlantis recommends surface-mounted square posts with flat glass panel connectors to accept either 3/8” or 1/2” glass infill. Note that Atlantis Rail does not supply the glass, however, you can contact your nearest dealer to find a reputable glass supplier near you.

As you can see, glass infills for cable railings can modernize your home or business, while keeping everyone safe. Additionally, maintenance on these railings is minimal. Simply wash the panels with glass cleaner regularly, and wipe down the stainless steel railings and posts with water.