Seamless Gate Options for Cable Railings

Keep your balcony or pool deck safe and secure. Check out our durable and beautifully designed seamless gate options for cable railings.

Cable railing systems are the least obstructive and most durable railing option for decks, balconies, and stairwells. They also require almost no maintenance to maintain a beautiful appearance. In many settings, a gate is essential to provide safe and secure entry and exit. Our seamless gate options for cable railings do just that. Your principal objective should be minimal obstruction and maximum strength without cumbersome hardware.

Cable Railing Gates from Atlantis

Atlantis Cable Railing Systems offer a range of stylish, long-lasting cable railings options with perfectly matching gate components. The hardware options also provide easy ingress and egress without calling too much unnecessary attention.

The cable infill of the stainless steel gates matches the rest of the railing system. Both the material and spacing are the same to make the gate as inconspicuous as possible. All gates come with heavy-duty, self-closing hinges and hardware for safety and durability.

The designers at Atlantis Cable Railing Systems can also create custom gate designs to match your taste preferences and dimensions.

Garden with Cable Railing Gate

Available Gate Styles

Atlantis Cable Railing Systems manufactures gate systems and hardware to match three of their most popular cable rail designs: Spectrum, SunRail™, and NOVA II. 


Spectrum gate kits are available in 36” and 42” heights. They come pre-installed with high-quality stainless-steel cables and fittings. You also have a selection of standard and special colors to choose from. 

Attach a flat hardwood handrail to finish off the look. This helps your gate match other surrounding features.

Spectrum gates are easy to install with 1/8” cable and fittings. They come powder coated in standard colors: Black, Metallic Silver, Pure White, or Dark Brown. Optional colors are Light Brown and Pebble Grey.

The standard width available is 36”, however custom widths can be ordered up to 48”. If your gateway needs to be wider than 48”, you will need to install a double gate system.


SunRail Cable Railing Systems and gates come in either polished or brushed stainless steel, offering a modern and durable look. Cable tensioners are attached at the factory, and the SunRail System is easy to install. It requires no special skills or tools. 

ADA-approved accessories are also available with this gate and railing system. These gates are available in 36” and 42” heights.


NOVA II Cable Railing also has matching gates available. This system is made with powder-coated aluminum with guardrails and foot rails that frame the horizontal cable infill. Offered in black, white, and bronze colors, NOVA II cable systems and gates are easier to install and the least expensive option. However, this system is not suitable if you live near the ocean. Available in both 36” and 42” heights.

Pool with Stainless Cable Gate

Why Gates are Most Important

Secure gates are a must on raised decks or balconies with stairway access, especially when large groups and perhaps children are present. A secure gate will prevent accidents while providing a safe perimeter around your elevated area.

Gates are also essential for closing off swimming pool areas to possible intruders, fencing areas to keep pets in, and limiting ground-level access to exterior stairwells and other home entry points.

Contact an Atlantis Cable Railing System Dealer

Whether you plan to install your system yourself or let a professional handle the job, an Atlantis cable railing system is your best choice for any application. Strong and long-lasting, beautiful, and requiring minimal maintenance, cable railings are safe and allow an almost entirely unobstructed view of the surroundings.

To learn more and view their premium railing and gate solutions menu, visit the Atlantis Cable Systems’ website

A DIYer’s delight, Atlantis cable railings, and gates will provide many years of outstanding service.