How to Create a Plan for Upgrading to Cable Railing

Beauty and long-lasting functionality of cable railing is undeniable. These tips will help you create a plan for upgrading to cable railing.

Besides their beauty and long-lasting functionality, Atlantis Cable Railing Systems are designed to make the job of installing and upgrading your railing system simple enough for most DIYers.

However, like almost anything else, planning beforehand is the key to success. Having the right components and carefully measuring will result in a beautiful, unobstructed railing system that heightens the enjoyment of your deck, balcony, or stairway.

Cable railing on indoor home ramp.

Understanding Safety and Building Codes

While Atlantis Railing Systems can advise you before you begin, safety is a critical element for your upgrade project. Safety awareness means making sure that your railing system will ensure the safety of all occupants, and the railings will meet local code requirements. Be sure to check local requirements before starting on your plan.

For example, a common standard for railing systems is the “4-inch sphere rule,” which means that a ball with a four-inch diameter cannot pass between the cables. This means spacing your cables at 3 inches on-center. Additionally, you must ensure the vertical posts are sufficiently close together – approximately 4 feet or less to maintain the appropriate cable tension at all times.

Approved cable tensioning kits are available for all of our cable railing systems. Since several types of tensioners are available, consult your Atlantis Cable Railing professional to ensure you have the best option for your system.

Cable Railing sytem on home with stone stairway.

Upgrading to Cable Railing System

Whether your project means replacing an old wooden railing system or upgrading an existing cable system with newer, safer materials, your project should follow a careful sequence to avoid any mistakes or backtracking.

Here are the stages of the process that each DIYer should follow:

  1. Develop a vision of what you want from your cable railing system. As there are many versions and styles, home or business owners should carefully review all of the options to determine which is best for that setting and application.
  2. Set your budget. Let a professional help you match it with the type and style that fits both your aesthetic and financial requirements. Longevity should be a consideration. Keep in mind that stainless steel top rails, posts, connectors, and cables will last longer than other materials.
  3. Sketch your design to show how your new railing systems will fit with your house and other surrounding elements. Your sketch should show all dimensions of the cable rail, including stairways. Additionally, you should identify the exact length of each section. This will help an Atlantis Rail professional determine the quantities of components you will need.
  4. Confer with the Atlantis Rail Systems experts. Review the extensive gallery of options and select your choice of top rail, posts, and cable. You can also submit your sketch to the Atlantis professionals for their input and suggestions before finalizing it.
  5. Price quote and take-off. With your sketch, dimensions, and budget in mind, the representative will offer a quote for all materials. This quote should include all the necessary hardware to make your finished cable railing system safe and durable.
  6. Ensure you have the right tools before starting. Your Atlantis Rail expert will define the needed implements, including the all-important drilling template for RailEasy™ systems. If you do not have everything needed already, purchase the tools you will need for your project.

Ask for the Atlantis Express Quote Request Form. The quote for materials may be taken to any authorized dealer. 

Need Help Planning? Contact Atlantis Cable Railing Systems

Atlantis Rail is a longtime leader in cable railing systems. As producers of top-quality stainless-steel cable and other components, our experts can help you with your DIY railing upgrade projects.

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