Atlantis Rail Custom Cable Railing Benefits

Adding cable railing to your home? Consider a DIY with Atlantis Rail custom cable railing systems. See the benefits of a cable railing kit.

Cable railing is becoming more popular among homeowners as a unique customizable aesthetic with an unobtrusive view. One of the biggest advantages of cable railing is the option to do it yourself instead of hiring a professional. Atlantis Rail offers customized cable railings for DIY to make it even easier for homeowners. Atlantis Rail custom cable railing systems contain all the components and hardware required for installation.

If you’re going to save on costs when installing your new cable railing, you can also purchase the stainless steel cable along with a cable railing system.

The Benefits of Atlantis Rail Custom Cable Railing

No Specialized Tools

Most of the Atlantis Rail cable railing systems are simple to install with no need for specialized tools. A drilling template and basic tool kit is all that’s required. The kit includes: 5/16″, 3/8″ and 7/16″ open wrenches, 7/32″ and 1/8″ drill bits and #2 stainless steel square head driver bits.


Cable railing kits are the most cost-effective and popular for both metal and wooden posts. The systems are DIY-friendly as you can use already existing wood posts to save time and money. If you don’t have pre-existing posts, you can also purchase posts manufactured to size for easy installation. Metal posts can also be used in DIY applications, and can be ordered in a range of powder-coated colors.

Atlantis Rail has designed their cable railing systems with customization in mind. This allows you to combine an assortment of components and rail fittings to give you a customized product at a low cost. Cable railing components are also low maintenance, durable, and weather resistant.


Many homeowners look for affordable and simple ways to improve their home. As such, many different combinations of cable railing systems are available to suit various designs and needs. 

Cable railing systems from Atlantis Rail are readily available through many of our authorized dealers. Additional instructions are also available online for each cable railing system. 

Standard Specifications

Atlantis Rail cable railing systems are designed to fit required standard specifications. For 316 stainless steel cable, the line is seamless and neat, corrosion-resistant, with available lengths of 25’, 100’, and 500’. This is suitable for both metal and wood posts. The kit components and instructions enable you to install your railing system to the required specifications. 

The kit components also ensure compliance with cable rail code, including the 4″ sphere rule. However, be sure to check local building codes before installation for any additional requirements. All cable railings must also include a top rail, accurate post to post distance measurements, and have proper tensioning when complete.

Easier Installation

Constructing a cable railing system requires some DIY knowledge; otherwise, you will be left frustrated and with extra expenses. Drilling holes on the posts accurately can often pose a challenge. Any unevenness or poor tensioning can cause distortion and potential safety issues. However, Atlantis Rail has you covered with their RailEasy™ drilling template to ensure cables are spaced 3” apart.

Bottom line

Now made DIY installation of cable railing systems is easier than ever. The benefits of using Atlantis Rail custom cable railing system are many. Their basic and easy to understand instructions and basic tools make installation cost-effective and readily available. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your home with a custom cable railing design. Find out more about the various options available at Atlantis Rail today. You can also contact the team at Atlantis Rail with any questions, or to request a quote for your cable railing design.