The Truth About Cable Railing

Cable railings are safe and attractive. Here are some commonly asked questions so you can find out the truth about cable railing systems.

Learn the truth about cable railing. Cable railings systems are attractive, low maintenance, and safe for decks, balconies, and stairwells. Additionally, they are often much more affordable than standard railings and are easy to install.

Long-lasting stainless steel cable railing systems can last a lifetime without requiring continual protection and maintenance. They remain looking great and last longer than many other railing options.

But, even with all the advantages that the cable systems offer, many still hold misconceptions and have essential questions about cable railings.

The Truth About Cable Railing

Do cable railings block your view?

People design and position their decks to offer a unique vantage point, often with terrific panoramic views. Some people believe that glass panel systems offer less visual obstruction than cable railing. The truth is, glass can make reflections, glare and marks or fingerprints stand out drastically. These are all issues that do not exist with the thin metal strands of cable railing. 

Even when occupants are seated, they can still enjoy an unobstructed panoramic view with cable railings. This is because the human eye will simply see past the thin cables, rather than focusing on them.

Is metal the only material that can be used for cable railing systems?

Many buildings and homeowners prefer to incorporate the warmth and style of wood into their cable railing systems. Leading cable railing system companies like Atlantis Rail of Plymouth, Massachusetts, offer cable railing systems that can be integrated into wooden posts and handrails for a more traditional appeal. Once properly installed, these dual-component railing systems are just as strong as metal. However, they do require additional care and maintenance to retain the wood’s natural beauty.

Are cable railing systems only for outdoor decks and balconies?

This used to be the case, however more interior designers and architects are opting for clean and modern cable railing systems indoors. Cable railings can create a greater sense of openness and space, whereas more conventional opaque railing systems can unnecessarily divide rooms and make them feel smaller. Therefore, cable railings are a great option for interior mezzanines and balconies. They not only minimize compartmentalization but also improve the view.

What is the best material for a long-lasting cable railing system?

Even though most companies sell various cable railing options, stainless steel remains the leader. This is because of its simple beauty, value, long-lasting durability, and ease of maintenance. 

Some companies promote cable railing systems made from galvanized steel or other materials clad in vinyl. However, galvanized material tends to corrode quickly, while the vinyl coatings tend to wear away easily from the friction where the cable passes through posts. As such, stainless steel is the best and most durable option for long lasting cable railings.

Learn More About Cable Railing Systems by Contacting Atlantis Rail

Supplier of a wide range of cable railing systems and specially designed fittings and accessories, Atlantis Rail offers the expertise and materials to build your dream cable railing systems around your deck, balcony, stairway, or other spaces in your home or business. Whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a contractor, it is truly amazing how much a quality cable railing system opens up your space and view. 

Stainless steel cable railing offers an impressive architectural feature to your space that will last a lifetime with minimal maintenance.

If you plan to build or replace a railing system that adds – not detracts – from the view and ambiance of your deck or balcony, learn more by visiting the Atlantis Rail Systems website. You can view the many options and designs that Atlantis offers to determine which will best fit your situation.

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