Choosing a Corner Post Style for Cable Railing

Cable railing systems are durable, safe, and require minimal maintenance. Here’s help on choosing a corner post style for cable railing.

No other railing system can offer longevity and sleek design without visual obstructions like a modern cable railing system. Durable, safe, and requiring little maintenance, stainless steel cables are robust and less susceptible to the elements than wood or other metal railings. Here’s help on choosing a corner post style for cable railing.

While home and business owners have a broad range of designs and configurations to choose from, one question owners often ask is whether a single-post or two-post configuration is more effective on corners. 

What is a Two-Post Corner Style?

A two-post corner system features a 90-degree corner with two posts.  Most of Atlantis Rail’s cable railing systems offer this as an option. Furthermore, this enables cables to pass through without terminating the cable run and adding hardware. This allows for the posts to distribute the cable tension load more evenly. Because the posts have separate anchor points on the deck or subfloor, the tension is redirected over a broader surface area.

Single corner post style - Cable-Railing-on-Deck-with-Adirondack-Chairs.

What is a One-Post Corner Style?

This style corner post features the cable runs terminating into one post with cable railing hardware.  While still sufficiently strong and safe, a single post corner experiences more tension load. This is because the single post is supporting the stress of two separate cable groups terminating at a single point. Certain Atlantis Rail cable railing systems feature this style of corner post.

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Depending on the cable railing system you choose, there may be a single post or double post option.  Beautiful, durable, strong, and with minimal ongoing maintenance, Atlantis Rail System options are perfect for any railing application. A premier manufacturer of the highest quality stainless steel cable rail systems, the company has designed all the fittings and components needed for a “turn-key” installation at a low cost.

Atlantis Rail Systems employs state-of-the-art in-house testing capability to ensure all components are safe, long-lasting, and code compliant. 

To learn more about cable rail systems, components, and designs, visit the Atlantis Rail System website. Or call one of the experts at 1-800-541-6829.