Customizing Your Cable Railing Design

Customizing your cable railing design has never been easier. Read about options to add from LED lighting to post toppers and custom colors.

 A sleek, high-quality, and modern railing design is all you could ask for in your railing system. Who wouldn’t want to feel the satisfaction of walking downstairs with a customized cable railing design that blends perfectly with your home? Railing designs give the home or office a complete feeling and offer a sensation of accomplishment when you see a design you love throughout your home. Customizing your cable railing design is a simple task that can change the entire feel of the home.

Railing designs are available in different colors, metals, and wood types. You can add post toppers or lighting to customize your cable railing design.

Adding Lights

Make your cable railing system look glamorous by adding LED lighting underneath the handrail of the railing. The Micro Star LED Light Bars are easy to install and use DC transformers that can be connected to the power supply. You can get a professional to help install lighting and hook it up to the main power supply.

The Micro Star Transformer is available in 5 amp. Cable jumpers and extensions are available for easy connection to the LED lighting. First, fix the mounting channel to the bottom of the top rail to hold the LED lighting strip in place.

The mounting channel has pre-drilled screw holes for easy attachment to the underside of the handrail. Drill holes in your posts to pass the cable jumper through and connect to the next cable railing section.

The cable railing now has lights underneath the top bar, adding that extra detail. Ensure you remove the protective film on the light bars to have sharper and more precise lighting.

Wood Selection

For a durable and fashionable railing design, wood is the answer. Opt for the best wood both in terms of durability and beauty. Red oak, white oak and African mahogany are all great durable options. You could even go for a blend of all these, with some sections on the railing system having different wood types.

• Red Oak

A popular choice is red oak for cable railing designs as it has a forgiving nature, and it is also plentiful. This wood was originally used for treads and handrails, however in recent years has been found as an ideal wood for many indoor features. From cable railing posts, to top rails, red oak is a beautiful and durable option for homeowners.

• White Oak

White oak is also an amazing choice for customizing your cable railing system. Consider using this wood for its water-resistance, making it perfect for outdoor railings as well. Keeping the outdoor and indoor railing the same can add to the appeal of your home. Additionally, white oak has a swirling pattern and a slight green tint layer giving it a gorgeous and magnificent appearance.

• African Mahogany

This wood is light, and its price does make it a premium material for your cable railing system. Artisans love to use this wood as it is easy to tweak and shape into what you want. As a lightweight wood, it may show wear faster than other options, so ensure you are doing regular maintenance to keep the railing in tip top shape.

Custom Color Paint

What is your favorite color? How about customizing your railing system to that stunning color? Better yet, picking a complementary color to the room or exterior of the house. Experts recommend using a color that does not clash with the immediate surrounding theme. 

You may not want to have a green railing color when your general theme is white and black. However, the ideal colors could be grey, white, brown, silver or even a gradient. These colors all go well with most house themes. If you are looking to add a pop of color, consider color matching paint to accessories in the surrounding area, such as a rug or feature wall. 

The post toppers are also something you could consider customizing. They can be found in different shape varieties and are easy to apply to your cable railing posts.

Begin Customizing your Cable Railing Design Today!

Customizing your cable railing design has never been easier. You can have all the add-ons you would like from LED lighting to classic post toppers and custom colors. The possibilities to customize your cable railing design are almost endless so that you can easily have a one-of-a-kind design.