“Start to finish” installation of NOVA II railing on stairs and level surface

Plymouth, MA, September 16, 2019– The NOVA II railing system by Atlantis Rail consists of a powder coated aluminum framework combined with horizontal, stainless steel cable infill. It is a completely “off-the-shelf” system with minimal components and supplied as kits. To make this system even easier, we redeveloped the instructions set (included with each order) and created supporting installation videos for both “Stair Sections” and “Level Sections”.

Atlantis Rail continually works to improve its product offerings and resources. In this series of videos, our master installer leads you step-by-step through the process of installing your NOVA II Railing System. You will be able to view the proper tools needed for installation, as well as any tips on handling some of the nuances of the installation process. These videos mirror the information provided in the standard instruction sets, insuring that the contents of each video are consistent and accurate.

The NOVA II “Stair Section” and “Level Section” installation videos can be found on our new Atlantis Rail website under the “Resources” section. We welcome you to view each to see for yourself just how simple it is to install this affordable yet quality railing system. And YES… installation is as easy as it looks!

Check out the NOVA II Cable Railing page on our website for an overview of the system, gallery photos, specifications and downloadable resources. This will provide you with insight into aspects of the system that can’t be shown in an installation video (for example, the systems versatility and the aesthetic beauty of the finished product).


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