Considerations for Cable Railing on Staircases

Cable railing is functional and aesthetically pleasing. These 4 considerations will help you get started with cable railing on staircases.

Cable railing gives a minimalistic, sleek, and modern aesthetic for both interior and exterior decks and staircases. As such, it has been widely adopted by commercial building owners and homeowners to update their spaces. Cable railings are strong, durable and offer a seamless view. Cable railing on staircases not only provides an open space that blends areas but also offers added safety. If you’re planning to update your interior or exterior by incorporating cable railing on staircases, here are some things to consider.

Cable railing on an outdoor staircase.

1. Cable railing style of your choice

There are various options for cable railing. Depending on your preference or existing building design, you can choose between many popular aesthetics. For example you can incorporate industrial styling with stainless steel frames to achieve a more contemporary theme; or achieve a subtle look by using wooden frames with your cable railing.  No matter how your building is styled, there is a cable railing solution to match.

You also need to consider the pre-existing design of your building to create a smooth flow rather than altering it. If you’re living in a small space, installing cable railing on your staircase can help make it look larger and more open by eliminating visual barriers.

2. Do it yourself or call in a professional

When planning your cable railing, consider whether to do it yourself (DIY) or seek help from a professional. Cable railing installation has been made easier for homeowners with pre-cut and measured materials available. Once you have a plan, you can order your cable railing specifically designed to suit your specifications.

If DIY is not what you’re going for, you can call in a professional to carry out the entire planning and installation process. However, it will still require you to free up some time to give your input.

3. Cable railing installation safety

Like every new home or remodeling project, ensure you familiarize yourself with the necessary building codes and regulations. For both commercial and home installation of staircase cable railing, safety is paramount. Ensure you have all the safety gear when installing exterior cable railings. Wear a breathing mask, gloves, and protective clothing such as helmets and overalls. This will not only keep you safe but also give you peace of mind.

4. Building codes and dimension specifications

Staircase cable railings can be attractive to children and can prompt them to climb the rails. The state, counties, and municipalities all issue building codes and specifications to prevent safety hazards. One of the crucial specifications is meeting the 4″ sphere rule. Therefore, your cable railing system should be rigid and properly tensioned at all times. Your structural posts should be strong enough to withstand tension forces and the weight exerted on them by people. If these standards are not met, your system will fail the safety test leading to extra costs to redo the installation. Worse yet, accidents could occur if not rectified. Safety is paramount, so ensure you bring in a professional if you are uncertain.

Bottom line

Installing cable railing on your staircase is a great way to modernize and open up your home or commercial building. Cable railing creates a seamless view with its minimalist design and also creates a fluidity in other rooms. Follow the building codes and dimension specifications for your local area to ensure safety, especially for children.