Cleaning and Maintaining Stainless Steel Cable Railings

Cleaning and maintaining stainless steel cable railings. Learn to inspect, clean and how weather conditions effect maintenance frequency.

Many home and business owners have shifted their preferences for railing systems to stainless steel cable railings. Not only do they allow for an almost entirely unobstructed view from decks and patios, they also offer an open, spacious, and clean look to interior stairways and balconies. That said, let’s look at cleaning and maintaining stainless steel cable railings.

Two of the many remarkable attributes of stainless steel cable railings pertain to ease of maintenance and durability. Compared to wooden and other railing systems, stainless steel cable railings excel in long-lasting beauty, visibility, durability, economy, and ease of installation. 

Furthermore, the stainless steel cable railing systems from Atlantis Rail Systems, are ADA adaptable and easy to install.

Cleaning and Maintaining Stainless Steel Cable Railings

Stainless steel cable railings look great once installed. Installation is straightforward and can be safely done by either the homeowner or a professional.

Cable railings are also weather resistant with minimal upkeep. With most railing materials, severe weather conditions can cause damage. If you are worried about ice, snow, rain, sleet, and other damaging conditions, cable railings are a great solution. 

High-grade stainless steel has long proven to be a material that holds up well under any weather conditions. With minimal maintenance, stainless rail systems can maintain their “like-new” appearance for decades to come. Unlike wood, they require no stripping, sanding, staining, painting, power-washing, or replacing. 

With stainless steel cable railings, you only need to gently clean them annually. Follow the information below to ensure your railings stay clean and safe.

Inspect and Clean

Cleaning the stainless steel surface is simple. Using a soft brush and mild dishwashing soap, remove dirt or other particles that may be coating the exterior of your cable and railings. Moreover, make sure you wipe the areas dry with a soft towel to ensure debris and moisture do not linger.

Throughout the year, you should inspect your railing system to ensure everything is in order. Check that no external influences have impacted the appearance of the metal. At times, external damage or denting from flying objects or rough treatment can affect the surface coating. This can begin to allow some corrosion, even with stainless steel. In these instances, contact the manufacturer, and they will recommend a rust solution that is safe to restore the piece.

Cleaning-and-maintaining-stainless-steel-cable-railings-with wooden elements.

Cleaning Frequency Depends on Weather Conditions

Cleaning and maintaining stainless steel cable railings every so often is sufficient to protect the metal for decades of use. 

However, if your system has wooden or other non-stainless metal railings or parts, pay extra attention to those elements as per manufacturer or dealer care instructions. This could include restaining or repainting wooden posts every few years.

In coastal locations, salt air and subsequent spray may warrant cleaning your stainless steel cable railings more often, perhaps two or three times per year. As a result, this will help ensure the longevity of your cable railing system. 

Atlantis Cable Railing Stainless Steel Systems

Atlantis Rail Systems of Plymouth, MA, offers a complete line of stainless steel railing systems for multiple applications. You can view the entire Atlantis Rail Systems Gallery by visiting their Gallery of Options on the Atlantis website.

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