Considerations When Choosing Cable Railing Types

Cable railings are available in several styles. This guide will help with choosing cable railing types depending on your taste and budget.

Cable railing systems are safe and attractive, long-lasting, and easily maintained. While far less intrusive than wood or other metal railing types, cable rail systems allow an almost unobstructed view while creating a sense of openness in the interior of your home or office. This guide can help you when choosing cable railing types.

Cable railings are available in several different styles and types. Your selection will likely depend on the location and your budget. Of course, the appearance or style that best matches your taste and setting is also a prime consideration.

Cable railing on a large home deck patio.

Choosing Cable Railing Types

Location of the Railing System

Certain styles of cable railings work best in specific applications. While any properly installed cable system installation must match local code requirements, some provide a more pleasing aesthetic appearance in certain situations.

For example, an atrium-type, multi-level office interior can feel more open and spacious with a glass railing system. This system is supported by top and bottom stainless steel rails.

Any one of Atlantis Rail Systems’ many offerings employ stainless steel cables stretched and framed by metal or vertical wood posts. These horizontal railings offer substantial security while allowing almost unlimited visibility. They are particularly popular for stairways, balconies, and decks to provide safety with a virtually unobstructed view.

Budget Considerations

Naturally, the final install cost is important. The components for each available option will vary, but labor will always be a significant consideration. If you have a limited budget, you could choose to do it yourself. Otherwise, there are many installers you can contact for a quote. First, measure your space, then consult with an Atlantis representative to receive a quote on material.

Cable Railing Types: Style Considerations

High-quality cable railing systems come in several different styles and materials. Most of the design is based upon the look and type of the materials used to support the cables. For example, from the Atlantis Cable Railings catalog:

  • RailEasy™ Cable Railing System combines natural wood or vinyl posts and top/bottom rails.
  • Nautilus Cable Railing System is a modern option with brushed or polished top and bottom rails.
  • SunRail™ Cable Railing System is an all-stainless steel solution.
  • Spectrum Cable Railing System includes powder-coated stainless steel square facia or surface mounted posts and a wood handrail.
  • NOVA II System has powder-coated aluminum posts, handrails, and foot rails.
  • NOVA Nautilus System is a combination of vertical powder-coated aluminum posts with stainless steel hand and foot rails.
  • Latitude Cable Railing System includes brushed or polished stainless steel tubular posts with a wood handrail system.

Atlantis Rail Systems also offers ADA-compliant features and various other options to match your needs and budget.

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Atlantis Rail Systems of Plymouth, MA, is a leader in the cable railing systems industry. With a cable railing option for every style and budget, the professionals at Atlantis Rail are eager to help you find the right solution and make it a reality.

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