How to Use Cable Railing in Your Home

Atlantis Rail provides cable railing systems in several styles and functions. Here are ideas and uses for cable railing in your home.

Homeowners seeking a modern, stylish, and uncluttered look for their environment choose cable railing systems for many interior and exterior applications. Less cumbersome than wooden or heavy metal options, strong, horizontal stainless steel cables as thin as 1/8” stretch between vertical posts offer an almost unobstructed view. This allows light to penetrate the space to make any room feel bigger and brighter.

For exteriors, cable railings open up decks, balconies, and patios to permit a more panoramic, unobstructed view of the surroundings. 

Cable railing systems from Atlantis Rail are available in several styles and functions, each with its own benefits. Custom-made systems are also available.

Cable Railing in Your Home

Whether inside or out, Atlantis cable railing systems are appropriate for many different uses. A list of potential home installations includes:

Deck Railings

Decks are meant for relaxation, entertainment, and a place to enjoy your surroundings while seated. Sleek and modern cable railings open up the view considerably, allowing deck occupants to enjoy the environment without having to stand and look over cumbersome obstructions.


Whether in front or behind your home, cable railings create a sleek, modern aesthetic that complements rather than detracts from the beauty of your home. The clean contemporary look of cable railing will enhance both the curb appeal and value of your home.


Interior stairways framed by stylish cable railings brighten and enlarge the adjoining space. When properly illuminated, the railing addition will present a more spacious, modern appearance to the area’s ambiance. This relatively simple improvement will upgrade the overall feel of living, dining, or family rooms without needing to invest in a more extensive open plan remodel.


Exterior balconies and attached walkways can benefit from the installation of safe and beautiful cable railing systems. The stainless steel railing systems require little to no maintenance and will provide decades of service without needing replacement.

Outdoor Pathways and Steps

If part of your property has a steep slope with stairs to reach another area, consider adding cable railing. Not only will this make the transition safer, but it requires little to no maintenance. Cable railings can withstand extreme environmental conditions, including excessive moisture rain, sleet, snow, or ice.


If you are fortunate enough to live on the water and have an onsite dock, you should consider installing cable railing. The cable railings can be installed on stairways to the dock. As well as along the sides to prevent people from falling into the water.

Installing Cable Railing System in Your Home

The primary function of any railing system is as a safety barrier. Whether managing stairways to change levels, accommodate disabled residents, or act as a barrier to prevent falling from higher elevations, these must be sturdy and well-anchored. You should always ensure your railing system is code compliant before installation.

Properly installed, well-designed stainless steel cable railing systems meet and exceed those requirements while also adding beauty and functionality to your home.