Glass Deck Railing Considerations

Glass deck railing systems offer visibility, versitality and unobstructive views. Consider these recommendations when choosing a glass deck railing system.

When it comes to outdoor deck railings, using a glass deck railing system adds visibility, versatility, and an unobstructed views while providing safety where you need it. Glass railings allow open and uninterrupted views of the surrounding landscape. Whether cityscape, mountain, desert, or coastal, glass railings will allow you to experience the unimpeded views of the outside world.

In addition, glass railings can create a perfect barrier against the wind. Contrary to common beliefs, thick, high-quality tempered glass railings are resistant to deterioration from the elements and are unlikely to crack or break due to normal stressors. Below are some of the key things to consider when looking for glass deck railing.

Code Requirements

Making sure that your deck railing meets safety code requirements should be your top priority. Whether it’s for a multi-family residence, single home, or a commercial property, you want to make sure that your glass railing system is code tested and approved for your specific use.

Code requirements are comprehensive and tend to vary from state to state, so it’s very important to make sure you understand the most recent requirements for your location. Also, make sure you get a contractor who specializes in glass deck railing to avoid problems that could result from not meeting these codes.

Ease of Installation

It’s important to choose systems that have pre-cut and pre-measured glass panels that will fit easily with the selected posts and rails. Also, railings that come with glass clamps pre-attached will make your installation easier and quicker. This will drastically reduce the labor costs and help to keep your project within budget.

Commercial Property with Glass Railing System

Type of Glass

There are several different types of glass deck railing, they vary by type of material, design, and method of installation. The two most common and popular types are:

1. Frameless glass railings:

These feature glass deck panels that don’t have a frame border or any support structures. The panels are held in place with a clamp post system and base screens. You may want to consider this option if you don’t want a railing system that will hamper your view in the slightest.

2. Framed glass railings:

These have visible framing of the glass, complete with stainless steel cable posts and handrails. Framed glass railings don’t always look as sleek as the frameless option, but they are preferred when you want to maintain some conventionality and sturdier-looking architecture. This is also the best choice when you have children and pets, as they are less likely to run into the panels.

You will also need to make sure that the glass you choose is tempered glass and has the etched tempered glass emblem visibly displayed. Glass railings are usually made of tempered glass which is at least six times stronger than regular glass. Safety glass is resistant to scratches and harder to break, which minimizes the risk of problems.

Rail and Post Materials

There are a variety of material choices for rails and posts to support your glass panels. These include stainless steel, aluminum, or wood in different finishes and colors. Look for a manufacturer that offers a range of material choices, as it will be easier for you to choose a look that will complement your building and surroundings.

Maintenance Level

Maintenance is also an important factor to consider when selecting your railing system. With glass railing, it’s very easy to notice smudges, dirt, and fingerprints. Meaning the railing system will require more maintenance to look its best and continuously display a picturesque view. For this reason, you want to choose material that are easy to clean. Furthermore, ensure that you have the correct products on hand for maintenance.

Choosing the right glass railing for your deck can make a big difference. It must be easy and quick to install and usable with a variety of posts and rails. Atlantis Rail offers a range of glass panel systems and components that fit flat posts and rails or tubular railing. Our ultra-tough deck rails come with glass pre-attached for easy installation. Contact us today at 1-800-541-6829  or visit our website to learn more about our glass railing systems.