Why Use a Cable Railing System

Looking for the most durable, stylish, and beautiful cable railing system for your property? Here’s 6 reasons to choose cable railing for your home.

Regardless of whether you’re just upgrading your existing railing or building a new property, you’ll have to choose which type of railing system you want to use on your property. Many people go with railings that utilize wood or glass for infill, but wood blocks the view and glass needs continuous cleaning. But what about finding something that can serve the same purpose, yet be practically invisible? Forget glass and wood, it is time to go for a cable railing system.

Here’s why use a cable railing system

Increased Curb Appeal and Resale Value

Cable railing is a wise investment in your property as it helps to add more value and appeal. When selling a home, potential buyers will question the structural integrity of balconies, decks, and the attached railings. With a cable barrier system, you can be confident that there will not be an issue and the clean, modern look of the rails will make your property even more valuable on the market.

Minimal Maintenance Requirements

If you’re looking for a low maintenance handrail, stainless steel and aluminum frame cable railing systems are unbeatable. Since tension is used to keep the cables in place, occasional tightening might be needed to make sure the cables are kept taut as intended. Unlike wood and glass that easily get dirty and become difficult to see through, the very minimal amount of materials used in cable railing offers an easy to clean solution with very little need for additional labor in keeping them beautiful and safe.

Incredible Durability and Corrosion Resistance

Cable railing can withstand all types of weather and wear, making it a great choice for both exterior and interior spaces. The cable rail system is made from materials that don’t fade quickly or degrade. The tensile strength and long-term practicalities make it the go-to choice if you’re looking for a railing system that will continue to look sleek years down the road.

Superior Structural Support

Glass or wood will never provide the same level of long-lasting support that stainless steel or extruded aluminum can. With cable rails, you won’t have to worry about frequently replacing your structures to prevent accidents or an all-out collapse. The posts are made with unmatched strength, which makes them ideal for properties where employees, customers, or children will be coming into contact with them regularly.

Why Use a Cable Railing System

Offers Unobstructed View

Cable railing systems have a minimalist design, using handrails, posts, and narrow cables. Unlike wood pickets that are thicker and obstructive, cable barriers take up less space and offer a sleek look that’s practically invisible.

The slender material and design allow you to see right through to your scenic view. Especially on a raised deck or terrace. Glass can also provide an unobstructed view, however, it’s subject to grime and mineral stains. Cable railings appear more natural and eliminate the issue of debris and dirt buildup.

Can Easily Complement Your Property Style

Cable railing systems offer flexibility in style and orientation. They blend easily with any design, whether contemporary or traditional, largely because their clean lines tend to vanish from afar. Cable rails also create an open environment and offer the illusion of a larger area in smaller spaces. The railing can also be used to separate larger spaces without obstructive barriers.

The ultimate look of cable railing will greatly depend on the materials you choose for framing. As well as the manner in which they’re mounted. Going for a shiny metallic finish gives a modern, chic style. Alternatively, a dark frame gives off a warm and homey feel. In addition, the cable barrier systems blend easily with different styles of furniture. Plus they come in a vertical or horizontal orientation, for whatever complements the style of your property. Simply put, cable railings offer great versatility.

If you’re looking for the most durable, stylish, and beautiful cable railing system for your property, consider using the Atlantis Rail Systems. We offer a complete line of highly durable stainless steel cable railing systems to suit every need. Learn more about our offerings and more reasons why you should use cable railings. Please contact us today at 1-800-541-6829.