Atlantis Rail has developed new cable railing hardware that is concealed inside the post!

The Unseen Flush Fittings

Atlantis Rail Systems had developed new cable railing hardware that is concealed inside the post for a completely unobstructed view

Atlantis Rail Systems has created new cable railing fittings that are completely concealed inside the post. These fittings are perfect for applications where a “through post” look is desired for minimal to no obstruction. The flush fittings are available for both the RailEasy™ and HandiSwage™ lines of cable railing systems.

Using the RailEasy™ Flush Fitting and the HandiSwage™ Flush Fitting affords two major benefits. “Measuring under an 1-1/2” in length, the flush fitting is totally hidden inside the post which gives our customers the most unobstructed view and cleanest look available,” says David Morgan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Atlantis Rail Systems. “Due to the fact that the cable passes through the fitting, this helps speed up the installation process by removing the need for accurate outside to outside of the end posts measurements.”

Atlantis Rail manufactures two different styles of flush fittings, one for RailEasy™ systems and another for HandiSwage™. The RailEasy™ Flush Fitting accepts 5/32” cable, whereas, the HandiSwage™ utilizes 1/8” cable. Both fittings are made from grade 316L stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance and durability. They feature a mechanical swage fitting, meaning that there are no special tools required for installation. A wedge housed in the cone of the fitting compresses onto the cable when the threaded receiver is tightened. When installed, the cable passes directly through the flush fitting and out the other end. Once tightened, simply cut the cable flush to the threaded receiver and install the supplied decorative cover for a finished look. The flush fittings are non-tensioning devices. They must be used with a RailEasy™ or HandiSwage™ tensioning component on the other side of the cable run.

Throughout their existence, Atlantis Rail Systems has been offering stainless steel railings to do-it-yourself enthusiasts and construction professionals alike. “The RailEasy™ and HandiSwage™ Flush Fittings are a perfect addition to our cable railing components,” says Morgan. “We are always researching and developing new products and techniques that make our railing systems more user-friendly.” These fittings were developed for indoor and outdoor, residential and commercial cable railing use. Atlantis Rail recommends checking with local building codes before installing the RailEasy™ or HandiSwage™ Cable Railing Systems.

Atlantis Rail Systems has a network of dealers throughout the United States that offer the RailEasy™ and HandiSwage™ Flush Fittings and other quality cable railing components. Please contact an Atlantis Rail Sales Representative to find a dealer near you or visit the Dealer Locator on the Atlantis Rail website. To learn more about Atlantis Rail’s line of railing systems and railing components, please visit or call (800) 541-6829.

Atlantis Rail is a leading manufacturer of premium stainless steel railing systems with infill options of cable railing, balusters and glass panels. These prefabricated, modular systems make for quick and easy installations and offer unobstructed views. They are designed for assembly using a collection of patented railing fittings and components to allow for the delivery of turn key stainless steel railing systems at a low cost. These systems are ideal for commercial and residential, indoor and outdoor applications.