Top 3 Reasons to Choose Cable Railing

Cable railing adds a sophisticated style uniquely suited for interior and architectural design. Here are 3 reasons to choose cable railing.

Cable railing has been steadily gaining popularity over time. If you are building a home, the kind of railing to use will be one of the critical decisions you will have to make. Adding a statement piece or upgrading the safety of your balcony, stairs, deck, and porch, railings are crucial aspects to consider. Although traditional rails have been in use for years, you can’t compare them to more recent cable railings.

Cable railing has a sophisticated, sleek style that is well suited for modern interior and architectural design. Many people are now choosing to remodel their homes and commercial centers by using cable railings due to the many benefits. The following are three reasons to choose cable railing for your home or business.

Strength and Durability

When mounted correctly with the required tension and strength, cable railings can last for decades due to their durability. The cables are made from 316 Low Carbon stainless steel making them virtually indestructible. These cable railings highly resist corrosion and can withstand harsh weather conditions like precipitation, sunlight, and salt air, making them suitable for any environment.

With the appropriate maintenance and installation, cable railings can last for decades, resulting in a great long-term investment for homeowners.

Minimal Maintenance and Repairs

When placed outside, railings are subject to wear and tear. However, cable railings are able to withstand harsh weather elements, unlike other railings. Indoors or outdoors, they require little maintenance at very low costs. If you need to tighten the cables after installation, use a tensioning device, and with a few wrenches, you are good to go. 316 stainless steel and aluminum cable railing are both easy to clean. All that is required is clean water, soap, and a cloth. With just a simple wipe down, your cable railing will look good as new.

Unobstructed View and Flexible Design

Cable railings have a minimalistic feel which not only creates a clean aesthetic but also enables you to enjoy the scenic view outside without obstructions. They provide unparalleled views as the lines are virtually invisible. They can also be used to make small spaces look bigger and spacious. Unlike glass, which is subject to fogging, grime build-up, and water fog, cable railings need minimal cleaning. The element of unobstructed views makes it perfect for raised decks, terraces, and balconies.

Cable railing is perfect for various applications. It can be placed indoors for staircases, lofts, and space dividers. Outdoor it is perfect for fences, decks, porches, and balconies. This type of railing also offers a flexible design that can complement various home orientations, locations, and styles. Also, with its simple lines that provide unobstructed views, cable railing can blend in easily with both contemporary and traditional house styles. You can use sleeved or composite posts to give your cable railing a low maintenance, traditional look, metal posts to give it a contemporary look, and wooden posts for a modern and warm appeal.

Bottom Line

Cable railing has gained popularity over time because it’s easy to maintain, is safe, durable, and offers unobstructed views due to its minimalist design. Those alone are great reasons to choose cable railing. Additionally, both commercial or residential structures can use cable railing for decks, balconies, staircases, and fences. In the long run, cable railings add value to your home or building because of their structural integrity.