Cable Railing for Office and Commercial Spaces

Cable Railing for Office is a great choice. Find out the many benefits of choosing cable railing for your office or commercial space.

For a long time, offices and other commercial facilities have opted for traditional wooden or metal railings. The two materials are dependable and offer valuable flexibility. They also add a touch of elegance to the building and typically last many years. Some metal railing systems can even last decades.

It’s the reason why until recently, many commercial contractors and building owners didn’t even think of using alternative railing systems.

That is until cable railing solutions came along! Though still relatively new to the market, cable railing systems stand out for their extreme strength, aesthetic qualities, and easy maintenance. Cable railings are also affordable and easier to install compared to traditional railing systems.

4 Reasons to Choose Cable Railing

Whether you’re adding a new guardrail outside your office or replacing the banister on one of your staircases, the following are four reasons you should try cable railing for office or commercial spaces.

Cable railings are extremely durable

Two things that make cable railing systems extremely durable are the materials used and corrosion resistance. Cable railing systems are often made from stainless steel, one of the most durable materials. With proper maintenance, stainless steel cables can last for many years to come.

Stainless steel and other materials such as steel and aluminum used in cable railings also don’t corrode. In the case of stainless steel, the corrosion resistance results from a very thin oxide layer on the material’s surface. This oxide layer renders stainless steel electrochemically passive in corrosive environments, making it perfect for outdoor use.

Cable railing in an office space.

Cable railings are simply gorgeous 

For modern commercial spaces, the building’s outward appearance is just as important as what happens inside. Adding a touch of class to the office environment could be what wins you that client.

Cable railing systems are more stylish than wooden or metal options. For one, metal and wooden railings often appear bulky and structural, while cable railing systems are sleek and vibrant. Additionally, cable railing systems create the illusion of space, a hallmark of the modern office. This is achieved by the thin cables between each post.

The railing systems are easy to maintain 

Compared to other railing options, cable railing systems are arguably the easiest to maintain. They depend on tension to keep the cables in place, which means you only need a simple hand tools to tighten the cables every once in a while.

You’ll also need to keep the cables clean. However, that’s another thing you really don’t need to worry about as a light wipe with fresh water and a clean cloth is more than enough to keep cable railings looking new. Full cleaning is only needed every six months. Don’t forget to apply non-abrasive marine/stainless steel polish during the full cleaning process. It will make maintenance even easier during the rest of the year.

Cable Railing for Office and Commercial Spaces- 2 story Gym setting.

Cable railings are functional and effective

Another advantage of cable railing systems is that they don’t take up much space. Where you might struggle to fit a wooden railing system into a space, a cable railing will fit with ease. Additionally, cable railing systems are easy to install and offer endless customization options. You can combine the cable with metal or wood posts, or even use them with vinyl posts and glass panels. The options are endless and customizable to your office aesthetic.

Above all, cable railings can be used in multiple applications. Furthermore, can easily fit any building style. For example, use cable railing outdoors, in stairwells, as handrails, as guardrails, or dividers. They work in contemporary or traditional office styles fitting in seamlessly with the current building.

Need Help?

We can help you find the perfect cable railing system for office space or commercial projects. By choosing cable railings for your office design, you will be able to upgrade your office aesthetic without lengthy construction times.

Most importantly, be sure to purchase quality cables from a reputable manufacturer to ensure that your cable railing serves you for a lifetime.