Atlantis Rail receives CABLE SNAP GROMMET PATENT

Plymouth, MA, November 27, 2017– Atlantis Rail Systems has developed and patented a new grommet system for use with our cable railing systems. The new Cable Snap Grommet is installed after a cable railing system installation is complete to avoid threading cable through typical rubber grommets. The grommets are sized according to the cable hole size on post and the size of cable utilized on a cable railing system. Manufactured of UV Polycarbonate material the Cable Snap Grommet is made to last, and in the rare case they need replacement it’s a snap to change out. The grommets are only required for Atlantis Rail Systems NOVA II railing system as an insulator between the stainless steel and aluminum components, but they are properly sized and available for most of our systems and systems made by others.  Beyond the insulating properties the Cable Snap Grommet reduces cable deflection significantly by tightening cable play on cable mid post and they virtually eliminate noise created from wind interacting with cable and post material. The Cable Snap Grommet can solve unforeseen problems for owners of cable railing systems after their install is complete.

The Cable Snap Grommet is available in a variety of different sizes according to cable hole size on post and the size of cable utilized on a cable railing system and they can be used with most cable railing product in the market today.

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