5 Facts About Cable Railing for Homeowners

From preserving unobstructed views to creating aesthetic style and safety in your home. 5 facts about cable railing for homeowners make this choice easy.

Home is one of the places most of us consider safe and warm, and part of that warm feeling comes from our views rather it be mountains, lakes, ocean or just a nicely landscaped backyard. One of the ways you can ensure you get the best view possible while giving your home a classy look is by using cable railings. Cable railing for homeowners offers many advantages.

Over the years, cable railings have been gaining popularity due to the unobstructed view it gives at staircases, decks, and patios. Cable railing views have become not only part of a homeowner’s lifestyle but also bring similar levity to commercial establishments as well.

So, why have these cable railing systems become such a sensation? Should you be investing in them as well? Before I can answer these questions, let’s look at five facts about cable railing for homeowners.

1.  Cable railings are safe and sleek

Cable railings can be modern or rustic depending on how you design them and what material you use. Additionally, they are more flexible than most railing systems in achieving the desired design effect. Cable Railing provides a chic look to your home regardless of the design aspects you incorporate. Before investing in your home, it is essential for you to understand what designs suit your taste and style. However, your dream home design also needs to focus on you and your desired lifestyle while in the house. This is where cable railings come in.

They are sleek and beautiful but also safe to use when you follow manufacture specifications and instructions. The chosen end fittings, posts, and rails provide the necessary foundation for a safe cable railing system. Following manufacturer recommendations ensure the longevity of the rails. The basics of a safe cable railing are in what we call the rule of 3-4-5;  3” max cable spacing, 4-foot max post spacing and 50-foot max length runs of cable. 


2.  They provide an unobstructed view

One of the most significant advantages of using cable railings over other options lies in its minimalist design and wide-open views. Most railing options such as traditional pickets tend to be thick and quite obstructive. Especially when placed on decks and balconies.

However, cable railings take up less view space and seem quite spacious due to the cable blending into the background. A basic baluster is between ¾ to 1 ½ inch each and spaced every 4 inches taking up 12 to 18 inches of space in a 4-foot section. But 10 runs of 1/8” cable take up less than 1 ¼” space in the same area. Resulting in 9 to 14 times more view, and less obstruction using cable.

3.  Cable Railings complement your home

No matter the style of your home; cable railings will complement it. These railings are flexible when it comes to orientation and styles, and this is what makes them able to blend effortlessly with any home style. Whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary style; cable railings can be designed to blend in with your home, by using the appropriately styled posts for your home.

The stainless finish gives your home stylish and low maintenance while blending quite naturally with your background.

4.  They are easy to maintain and install

The design of cable railings makes them quite easy to install. This also makes them quite easy to customize during the entire installation process. You can also combine and match them with other aspects of your home design, such as cable railings with wood. This will give your home an elegant and polished style.

They are also quite easy to maintain. Cleaning them does not have to be a big job. All you have to do is wipe down the material with a wet cloth and car wash soap, and you are good to go. 

5.  Cable Railings add value to your house

One of the factors that add to a home valuation is the style. And because cable railings can complement any home style, they help in adding value to your house. Therefore, when you want to sell your house, the cable railings will prove your home has improved value. As well as showing excellent structural integrity.

In summary cable railing for homeowners is an easy choice. Cable railings can be the perfect addition to your home as they provide an effective and stylish way to complement your home. Adding the fact that they also add value and safety to your home can be a huge advantage in the long run. With the above facts, deciding to invest in cable railings is quite easy.

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