Stainless Railing

Stainless Railing for Decks

Atlantis Rail manufactures stainless railing and stainless railing systems for residential, commercial and handicap accessible applications. Our stainless railing systems include handicap railing, stainless handrails, glass railing systems and stainless steel railing cable.

Our stainless stainless railing and stainless railing systems are easy to install, can be used for both indoor and outdoor railing applications and are virtually maintenance free.

NEWWe also carry stainless steel railing systems that can be used with wooden top rails such as the RailEasyTM Spectrum and the SunRailTM Latitude.
RailEasy™ Nautilus - Cable Railing with Stainless Rails
+ The RailEasy™ Nautilus System combines the modern look of stainless steel cable railing with the low maintenance quality of a highly polished or brushed top rail and optional bottom rail.
SunRail™ Nautilus - Stainless Steel Railing with Cable Infill Option
+ Our SunRail™ Nautilus System offers the highest quality cable railing in a easy to install system.  It consists of RailEasy™ Tensioners with curved bases and cable surrounded by stainless steel top rails, posts and optional bottom rails.
RailEasy Spectrum
+ The RailEasy™ Spectrum is a modular "square stock" cable railing system featuring pre-drilled fascia mounted square posts and a customer supplied flat handrail.  Choose from standard colors to best fit your application.
SunRail Latitude
+ The SunRail™ Latitude Cable Rail with Wood Handrail System features prefabricated 316L stainless steel posts, horizontal cable infill, utilizing RailEasy™ round base tensioners and newly designed top rail mounting plates.  These plates allow customers to select their desired top rail.
RailEasy™ Glass - Stainless Steel Glass Railing
+ The RailEasy™ Glass System combines the modern look of a stainless steel top and bottom rail and glass infill with your wood or vinyl posts. The RailEasy™ Glass Railing System drastically reduced the cost of installing glass railings.
SunRail™ Glass - Glass Railing with Stainless Steel Modular Frame
+ Our SunRail™ stainless steel glass railing is perfect for interior or exterior applications where clients require a glass railing system. You will enjoy years of low maintenance use and the rich look of stainless steel.
RailEasy™ Mariner - Stainless Steel Baluster Railing
+ The RailEasy™ Mariner vertical stainless steel railing system is an easy answer to vertical railing requirements. The RailEasy™ Mariner System is a great application for interior and exterior railing and is ideal for heavy duty commercial applications.
+ The ADA Compliant Railing​ Systemis designed around a universal set of patented fittings to allow the pre-assembly of full sets of ADA compliant handicap accessible railings for ramps and stairs.
SunRail Gate - Stainless Gates
+ Stainless steel gates are made to match our railing systems or sold as stand alone gate systems. The combined stainless steel construction and the heavy duty mechanical components make SunRail™ Gates safe and strong for any application.

Stainless Railing Systems


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