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Spectrum Surface Mount Cable Stabilizer Kit

The Spectrum Surface Mount Cable Stabilizer Kit is designed specifically for use in a Spectrum surface mounted system where post to post measurement spans over 4’. It enables you to adapt longer spans to code compliancy by stabilizing the deflection of cable between posts. Each kit comes with a pre-drilled stanchion to work with the standard spacing of the Spectrum posts. This Cable Stabilizer Kit cannot be used to replace the use of substantial mid posts and should never be used in spans over 6’. This kit is offered in standard color options of black, metallic silver, white and dark brown. Special order color options are also available. CLICK HERE to view color chart.

Kit includes fasteners.

GRADE: 316 Stainless Steel


“XX” in the part number is the color designation. Replace with “BK” for black, “MT” for metallic silver, “WH” for white, “BR” for dark brown or “SP” for one of the special colors.