How Much Does HandiSwage™ Cost?

How Much Does HandiSwage™ Cost?

HandiSwage™ is our least expensive system. It averages about $19 per foot but can go as low as $14 and as high as $31.

This average estimate is based on 10 runs with all hardware and plastic cover nut sets.

Making a beautiful cable railing does not need to break the bank. Let us explain the options so you can formulate a balance of desired effects with budget.

What makes the difference? Hardware. The main determination of cable railing cost is the number of pieces of hardware you design into you project.

The difference in cost for HandiSwage™ cable railing is determined by 2 primary factors. 1) Length of runs and 2) termination choices.

The HandiSwage™ system can be made with very basic components to keep cost down.

Using the Acorn Nut or HandiSwage™ Cover Nut Sets instead of the Deluxe Cover Nut Sets reduces cost tremendously.