RailEasy™ Nautilus

Cable Railing with Stainless Rails

The RailEasy™ Nautilus design combines the view enhancing look of stainless steel cable railing and our polished or brushed stainless steel rails. All of our stainless steel railings are designed for professional results but perfect for the do-it-yourself enthusiast. Enjoy the low maintenance quality of stainless steel railings with no special assembly skills or tools. The RailEasy™ Nautilus cable railing will provide years of unobstructed views.

Cable Railing Installation Video | Tensioner Installation Video 

RailEasy™ Nautilus Specifications

Straight Sections
Atlantis Rail offers standard rail heights of 36" or 42" for straight sections

Stair Sections
Rail height for stair sections is available in 36" only.

Note: Railing heights are offered in these dimensions due to nationwide building codes.  However, Atlantis Rail can supply custom heights/lengths upon request.

Between Posts Length
Atlantis Rail recommends staying within 4' section lengths to maintain structural integrity.

Railing Finish
The RailEasy™ Nautilus handrails and optional bottom rails are offered in a highly polished or brushed finish.

Cable Spacing
The cable is spaced on posts at 3" on-center to comply with nationwide building codes.

Optional Components:

  • Vinyl Post Components - White vinyl sleeves, fitting over a 4x4 post, are available in lengths of 48".  Cut post sleeves to appropriate application height.  Colonial style white vinyl post cap and base are also available as railing add-ons.
  • Micro Star™ Lighting - Micro Star™ LED lights can be integrated into the top rail for sublet illumination.  Also, the Micro Star™ LED Post Cap fits over standard 4x4 vinyl sleeves and provides sufficient lighting for stairs and walkways.


RailEasy Nautilus Design Parameters

Accent Your Cable Railing System with Micro Star™ LED Lighting

Add Micro Star™ LED Lighting underneath the stainless steel top rail to illuminate the architectural features of the cable railing system.  We invite you to visit our Rail & Deck Lighting page to view our complete line of LED lighting options.​

Deck Railing LED Lighting


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