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Atlantis Rail consistently tests all product that we sell in three areas: elemental metals content, stress and tensile strength, and physical salt spray for corrosion resistance proofing.  Additionally, all products are physically inspected for design dimension and physical appearance.
Metal Content Testing
Atlantis Rail utilizes X-Ray Florescence (XRF) chemical analysis to determine the accurate metal content of our products before, during and after the manufacturing process.  XRF is an elemental analysis technique that is highly accurate in determining major elements and providing a broad elemental survey in metals.
Strength Testing
Atlantis uses a variety of instruments to test the strength of our parts against the stated specifications.  Simply stated, we perform extensive stress tests on all products with stated load performances.
Corrosion Resistance Testing
We perform extensive materials proofing for corrosion resistance, utilizing a sophisticated salt spray testing process.  This places the product under the strain of 10 years of constant ocean water exposure.  These machines are rare due to the cost and overhead of operation, but the investment ensures the elimination of undetectable issues before they happen.
Only after these tests do we enter the product into our inventory for distribution.  Any product sampling that fails a given testing procedure requires extensive retesting of new samples until they are rejected or the issues are resolved.  These tests allow Atlantis Rail to set the bar for performance quality in the stainless steel manufacturing industry.
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  • “Now that the railing is completed, it has greatly exceeded our expectations and gives an outstanding presence to our pool area.  The safety factor is just a side benefit from the aesthetic value we have received.”

  • “I live in an extreme environment and nothing holds up as well as your product!”

  • “The owner loves the railing system and his designer was extremely pleased with the visual appearance.”

  • “It does not block the view at all.”

  • “Very Modern and view friendly.”

  • “The contractors had no trouble with installation.” 

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