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Spectrum Rail Mount Stair Knuckle

The Spectrum Rail Mount Stair Knuckle is an adjustable fitting for transitioning from 36″ height rail sections to perpendicular stair rails. It mounts to the side of the level section top rail. It can achieve angles up to 45 degrees and features a female connection on one side to allow for Spectrum top rails to be cut to length and concealed within the fitting. This knuckle fitting is available in standard and special Spectrum colors. CLICK HERE to view the color chart. For use with Spectrum posts only.

GRADE: Aluminum

CAUTION: Limitation of installation proximity to salt water and associated warranty limitations exist and must be referenced within our warranty, web site and installation instructions. Please consult MAP before installing.

ITEMABCANGLES (up to)COLORX (height)Y (length)Z (width)WT (lb)
S0904-AR783.53″0.75″0.20″45 degreesUncoated3.66″3.60″1.78″1.15
S0904-AR78-BK3.53″0.75″0.20″45 degreesBlack3.66″3.60″1.78″1.15
S0904-AR78-BR3.53″0.75″0.20″45 degreesDark Brown3.66″3.60″1.78″1.15
S0904-AR-78-MT3.53″0.75″0.20″45 degreesMetallic Silver3.66″3.60″1.78″1.15
S0904-AR78-WH3.53″0.75″0.20″45 degreesPure White3.66″3.60″1.78″1.15