How does the RailEasy™ Tensioner work?

RailEasy Tensioner

Once the complete RailEasy™ Tensioner is mounted on your post, the cable is inserted inside the Receiver Cone (7) and Wedge (6) approximately 1/8” past the bottom edge of the wedge to accommodate the Spacer (5).

The cone is tightened onto the Threaded Stud (4) which forces the wedge to push through the cone and bite into the cable as it is tightened. Using a 3/8"  wrench on the stud end nut (4) and a 7/16" wrench on the cone nut turn the 7/16" wrench until you can go nor further. This should be tightened as far as posssible using hand pressure.

To tension the cable put the 3/8" wrench back on the stud nut and a 5/16" wrench on the nut at the back of the Tensioner Body (2) and turn the body only, holding the stud still with the 3/8" wrench.