Measuring your cable

Time saver!

Once you have your tensioners properly set up you need to cut and measure your cable. Begin by measuring your entire run between end post (measure to the inside). Measure at top and bottom.  If there is a difference of more than 1/4″ you should measure in several spots to see if this is a leaning post and you will need to account for the difference.  Connect your center cable to the tensioner on one side and run it through all mid post to the opposite end. Mark the cable to fit into the cone 1/8″ beyond the tensioning nut on the stud. Cut the cable.

If your top and bottom post to post  measurements were the same.  You can now mount 2 tensioner bodies to a small 2×4 secured to a solid surface. Remove the  stud connected to the cable you just cut and insert the stud into one of the secured bodies to the desired tension beginning point (3/4″ recommended) . Now connect the end of cable from the spool to the other tensioner and run it out to the same length and cut. Repeat until all cable is cut and place studs back in post mounted tensioners.