Module 10 – Quoting & Ordering An Atlantis Rail System

MODULE 10: QUOTING & ORDERING AN ATLANTIS RAIL SYSTEM This module will take you through the universal steps of requesting a quote from Atlantis Rail.  Also, it dives deeper into the specific railing systems.  It covers the specifications, options and questions that are needed based on the railing systems that is being quoted.  This module […]

Module 9 – Micro Star™ Lighting & Accessories

MODULE 9: MICRO STAR™ LIGHTING & ACCESSORIES The Micro Star™ series of LED lighting is both a functional and creative lighting alternative.  They can be used on railings, decks, fences, steps and many more interior and exterior lighting applications.  This training module breaks down the series of lighting options that Atlantis Rail offers.  It specifies […]

Module 8 – Atlantis Rail Glass System Frames

MODULE 8: ATLANTIS RAIL GLASS SYSTEM FRAMES Atlantis Rail glass railing frames come in a variety of stock configurations with custom options available.  This module outlines the glass frame options, including a breakdown of the sidemount and glass panel connector options.  The presentation shows illustrations of the different glass railing configurations and offers insight on […]

Module 7 – SunRail™ Cable Railing Systems Using 100% Stainless Steel

MODULE 7: SUNRAIL™ CABLE RAILING SYSTEMS USING 100% STAINLESS STEEL For a completely stainless steel railing system, Atlantis Rail offers the SunRail™ systems.  These modular systems allow for easy installation while achieving a custom look.  The SunRail™ training module reviews the selling points for the system, along with how to measure and order a complete […]

Module 6 – NOVA II Cable Railing

MODULE 6: NOVA II CABLE RAILING The NOVA II System features powder-coated aluminum posts, guardrails and foot rails, and horizontal cable infill.  This system is completely off-the-shelf and features minimal components.  This training module provides and in-depth look at the NOVA II System, including post, rail and hardware options.  It also offers information about NOVA II […]

Module 5 – Spectrum Cable Railing

MODULE 5: SPECTRUM CABLE RAILING The Spectrum Cable Railing System is an ultra-sleek easy to use cable guard rail system. This training provides the tools and knowledge needed to sell the Spectrum System.  It outlines the key selling features and gives a detailed look at the post options and configurations.  It also reviews the many accessories […]

Module 4 – Nautilus Cable Railing System

Module 4: NAUTILUS CABLE RAILING SYSTEM The Nautilus Cable Railing System is one of the most versatile railing systems that Atlantis Rail offers.  This is the choice for cost conscience customers who want something different to set their dream deck apart.  The Nautilus training module illustrates the many different types of layouts and configurations that this […]

Module 3 – HandiSwage™ Cable Railing Basics

MODULE 3: HANDISWAGE™ CABLE RAILING BASICS The HandiSwage™ Cable Railing System is based on the simplest and most budget friendly cable railing methods and components available.  This collection of innovative components can be utilized to install cable railing in almost any design.  The HandiSwage™ basics training evaluates the hardware, accessories and tools utilized in this […]

Module 2 – Cable Railing Basics With RailEasy™

MODULE 2: CABLE RAILING BASICS WITH RAILEASY™ The RailEasy™ Cable Railing System is an attractive, affordable and low maintenance railing infill option for any indoor or outdoor application.  It is based on patented cable rail fittings and can be integrated in any indoor or outdoor, commercial or residential design.  Stairs, angles and long runs are […]

Module 1 – Stainless Steel Cable Railing Code, Material & Maintenance

MODULE 1: STAINLESS STEEL CABLE RAILING CODE, MATERIAL & MAINTENANCE This training module provides an in-depth look at the elemental makeup of stainless steel, best practices for code compliancy and the maintenance routine to keep the cable railing system looking like new.  It will help provide an introduction to Atlantis Rail’s cable railing products and […]

AIA Continuing Education Course

RAILING COURSE: CABLE RAILING SYSTEMS Designing for Building Code Compliance, Maximum Aesthetic Effect and Sustainability Sponsored by Atlantis Rail Systems This course provides an overview of general and specific cable railing requirements and best practices to assure code compliance, maximize aesthetic effect and sustainable performance. The course provides an in-depth explanation of stainless steel material […]