SunRail™ Latitude

Stainless Steel Cable Railing System with a Wooden Handrail

The SunRail™ Latitude Cable Rail with Wood Handrail System (customer supplied handrail) is comprised of mechanical swage tensioners riveted to 2” outer diameter stainless steel posts to allow for cable railing infill.  These RailEasy™ Tensioners feature a round base and compression fitting which enables installers to cut cable on site, removing the hassle of pre-measuring and the cost of miscalculating dimensions.  The new top rail mounting plate offers easy installation with virtually no hardware obstruction and allows customers to select their desired top rail.  The adjustable top rail mounting plate will be utilized in stair applications.

If you are looking for cable railing with a wood handrail, the SunRail™ Latitude System is an excellent choice.

 Tensioner Installation Video 

SunRail™ Latitude Specifications

Straight Sections
The SunRail™ Latitude System is offered in two standard post heights of 36" or 42"  for straight sections.  It consists of a top rail and optional bottom rail with 11 to 13 runs of cable, depending on the height.

Stair Sections
Rail height for stair sections is available in 36" only.

Note: Railing heights are offered in these dimensions due to nationwide building codes.  However, Atlantis Rail can supply custom heights/lengths upon request.

Between Posts Length
Atlantis Rail recommends staying within 4' section lengths to maintain structural integrity.

Railing Finish
The SunRail™ Latitude is offered in a highly polished or brushed finish.

Cable Spacing
The cable is spaced on posts at 3" on-center to comply with nationwide building codes.

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